August 4, 2015
I purchased this nursing cover so I can nurse in public with my nipple shield. I have used it everywhere, including the plane, restaurants, and outside. It gets the job done. Is the fabric the most luxurious cotton? No. However, I find that there is ample coverage, even with a wiggly baby. It can get hot if you're not inside, but that's not surprising, you've got a hot little body pressed up against yours. The boning is great. It has held up really well and is specifically why I purchased the cover. It's really easy to see what is going on down there and your baby can see you too. I love the case. It folds really easily and fits into your diaper bag and doesn't take up a lot of room. There are pockets at the bottom, but I haven't figured out a use for them.
July 21, 2015
So excited to receive my cover today! The width and length are wonderful! It's lightweight, which is a must living in Houston Tx! Also, the pattern is beautiful! I also love that it comes with a pouch so I can put it in the diaper bag without having to worry about it unfolding.
June 26, 2015
Great purchase! Love that it comes with a carrying pouch and has the wiring so you can see baby while he or she is feeding. I found its big enough to provide plenty of privacy, and the material is lightweight enough to not feel like I'm wearing a blanket.
June 23, 2015
Cute pattern, light weight, viewing ring just right, and nice pouch to keep it in
June 18, 2015
Great product - I know it is acceptable for a breastfeeding mother to not cover up when nursing in public but I am a little more modest and don't like doing that- o have used this and it seems like my daughter is more relaxed whike nursing too - would highly recommend
June 23, 2012
Since I am a bigger chested individual with a VERY squirmy baby, I worried this cover would not be big enough to do the job. I did not need to be worried, it is quite wide on the sides and even has enough fabric to hide my whole side for those times when the shirt has to come up. I love the carrying bag it comes in, makes it a lot easier to stow in the diaper bag. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has to nurse in public.
July 9, 2014
This is my third Hooter Hider. I've gotten one with each of the kids. They are super cute. Nice and light weight. Hold up well to washings. I love the boning they use, stays put better than another brand I own. Great product.
September 20, 2012
I find this nursing cover to be VERY stylish and work wonderfully. It is big enough to cover everything yet comes with a small pouch it folds into for storing. The fabric is a nice quality and I am very happy with this and would recomend it over any other nursing cover.
March 16, 2014
I haven't used this in public yet but have played with it at home with my husband around so he could tell me what he could see. I will be trying to sit in a corner somewhere as this doesn't wrap all the way around so a corner will provide extra coverage. and the boning at the top is nice but seems to need to be positioned just right in order to see baby. the material is also pretty light weight so when baby moves the material moves withe her, and I would be nervous outside with a little wind.
June 2, 2014
This a generous cover with nice fabric and a little pocket in the front, perfect to hold a paci, your breast pads, or a nipple shield. I initially used it when my baby was nursing, and it covered her well and I could still see her thru the top. I now use it when pumping, and it's big enough to cover all the parts required for pumping, including giving me side coverage. Very pleased. The bag it comes in is also nice, and it washes well in the washer.
July 26, 2013
My baby HATES being covered up while nursing, and nursing in public was really stressful for me until I found this product. My baby doesn't mind it too much, and it keeps me covered in spite of all of her yanking and wiggling around. I feel confident nursing in public with this, and my baby (a very determined 1 year old) can't pull it down. Even when she pulls on it or sits up abruptly, it is large enough that I am still covered. It is a lifesaver!

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